Tips for Creating an Attractive Twitter Profile That Gets Noticed

Creating an Attractive Twitter Profile That Gets Noticed

Twitter is an incredible platform for building your personal or professional brand. It can be particularly effective if you’re looking to establish an online presence that helps promote your service or products. Nonetheless, a major factor when working with social media is having a unique profile that aligns with your brand. I’ll show how to make a Twitter profile that stands out and interacts with other users in this post.

Make Your Bio Stand Out

It’s essential to be brief in order to craft an effective Twitter bio, since it’s limited to 160 characters. When someone visits your profile, they will first see your bio.

Make it stand out by using a catchy phrase or quote and adding links to your website, social media profiles, and any other relevant information. It’s also important that the bio makes it clear what you do so potential clients can easily find out more about what you offer.

Including links to other accounts and pages you manage is another great way to show off your social media presence. If a potential follower wants more information, they can click on the link to go right there.

A good example of this would be “I’m a writer at [website]. Check out my work here: [link]!” You don’t have to include all these elements in every tweet (in fact, I recommend against it), but having them ready will make it easier when someone asks for one of them.

Add a Profile and Header Image

Another crucial component of your Twitter profile is your profile photo, and the absence of one makes it very clear that something is missing. Choose a photo that accurately reflects your influence or brand so that Twitter users can quickly identify you and make connections with you.

Make sure the image isn’t too big or too little; ideally, it should be between 4″ by 4″ and 400px x 400px (or 8″ x 8″). Don’t use logos unless they are essential to your branding plan (and even then, only if necessary).

Besides, do not forget to add a header image that complements your niche. This image should be 1500 by 500 pixels and  that complements your niche. People who visit your profile also take a look at your header image and get a deeper understanding of your profile. This image should be 1500 by 500 pixels and be of high quality.

Pin a Tweet

Pinning a tweet means that it appears at the top of your profile page even when someone isn’t following you. This allows readers to see what kind of content you post without having to look through your entire feed.

Think about what kind of content would resonate with potential followers, and pin it to your profile page! Pinning a tweet gives your visitors an idea of what they can expect from following your account. You can pin an attention grabbing tweet or one that has gained lots of likes and retweets.

Don’t Forget About Twitter Cards!

Twitter cards are a great way to add images and videos to your tweets, which can increase engagement. They are also used for lead generation, advertising, and content promotion, and they can be used for events or polls as well.

If you regularly share content from your website or blog, do not underestimate the power of Twitter cards, since tweets with images get more engagement than tweets without images.


I hope I’ve given you some useful advice and suggestions for improving the look of your Twitter profile. Creating a profile that is easy to understand is key so that people take notice of your content. If they see something interesting when they first glance at your profile, they’ll probably stick around long enough for another look–and maybe even engage with some content! 

No matter how you use Twitter or what information you share with others online, there will always be those who disagree with you. Don’t let them stop you from having fun while tweeting.

This is a guest post written by Alyssa Brown – star content creator you can reach on Twitter @alyssa_brwn.

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  1. Pinning a tweet helps heaps, Shruti. Focus follower attention on your core offering. For me, Pinning a tweet pointing to my blogging courses makes the most sense. But all tweeters have different objectives and should Pin based on what meets their needs and also seems most beneficial to followers. Lots of folks check these Pinned tweets for new followers and highly engaged followers stop by to take a look, boosting impressions. From there, more and more folks RT and Like. Organic exposure.

    Excellent post here my friend.


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