About Me

Thanks for stopping by!

Hey, I’m Shruti – A B2B marketer with a passion for personified storytelling. A writer and content creator with a decade+ of marketing experience. You can call me the content lady, implementing data driven marketing strategy across multiple channels. Lover of customer journeys aiming to better them at each step. 

What can I do for you?

I can write content, build marketing plans and execute multi-channel campaigns that add value and bring revenue.

What does that mean?

I create and distribute content – mostly online, because that’s where most of your customers are. I strategise marketing efforts in line with business goals, map out customer journeys to implement this strategy and execute tactics to engage your audience. It doesn’t end there. I measure returns and quantify the value added through this process. 

How do I do that?

I plan and execute;

  • I research before each of my projects to understand pain points
  • Establish your buyer and influencer personas
  • Identify the right channels for your business
  • Work out the tactics to reach them there and then shoot! 

So why would you want me to work for you?

I am fast – I do not sit around in wooden rustic cafe’s pottering about living the freelance lifestyle. I am busy, and I have stuff to do. 

Marketing is NOT just about fonts and logos. It needs clear objectives, consistent effort, constructive changes done real time. ‘Fire and Forget’ approach has helped no-body. Umm, probably a Neanderthal. 

I am a professional. I know my stuff. I work on a plan and I meet deadlines.

What I am not?

I am  not a copy-editor, I do not commit to getting you on the first page of Google in 3 minutes and no I am NOT the coloring department.

I aim to generate revenue. For me quality not quantity is important. I am the sales team’s best friend – equiping them with all the swag they need to get those deals rolling. 

Want to get in touch?! Tweet or DM me @shruti12d. Check out my professional history and recos on LinkedIn