Mobile marketing – have you got your strategy sorted?

Today, mobile devices account for nearly 70% of the digital media time spent. Mobile marketing is not something that can be ignored with about average smart phone conversion rates of 64% compared to desktop conversion rates*. This only shows it is more important now than ever before to include mobile as part of your marketing strategy.

Is it that different?

A mobile first marketing strategy is not very different to any other marketing strategy. It covers the essentials like knowing your audiences well, which channels are popular among the target group , when do they spend their time on mobile devices, what is the type of content they consume, what are their problems and what are the solutions you can provide.  As they say, it is always about the customers.

Back to basics:

Mobile marketing is all about marketing a business, its products and services via a mobile, tablet or a hand held device. Some of the tools that customers can use to maximise on the engagement and the consent, it could include mobile friendly websites, mobile apps, SMS’s MMS’s, mobile search and mobile pay. These are proven ways to lead generate and target specific audiences.

With App based marketing, businesses are able to be part of the customer’s lives and participate in the micro opportunities and stay connected with the audience. With simple downloadable apps, businesses are able to maintain the trust and the engagement for longer via mobile devices.

How do you get started?

Before putting out a mobile first marketing strategy, it is key to identify your business objectives. Understanding what the short term and long term goals are will help define a robust marketing plan.  One of the key aspects of mobile marketing is that is entirely customer driven. The control is with the customer at all times. The user has the control, to see, accept, deny, block or subscribe from the content available on mobile devices. Being available when and where your customers are present certainly contributes to positive customer engagement and builds better customer relationships.

Mobile search and mobile display advertising are good for supporting lead generating activities irrespective of what channels are used as part of the wider marketing strategy.

Taking it forward

It is important to understand that mobile marketing strategies can differ from one organisation to another. It isn’t a one size fits all kind of strategy. Every business is unique, and hence every customer is unique. What is important though is understanding your customer needs,  setting clear achievable goals that are measurable and time bound. With these in mind there will be plenty of opportunities to optimize around the growing trend of mobile marketing.

Good luck

Shruti x

*Source: Comscore 2016, M-commerce and E-commerce measurement , U.S., 2016

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